Hikari Jumbo Carnisticks 182gr

Hikari Fish Food – Jumbo Carnisticks 182gr

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Jumbo CarniSticks
World’s First Sponge-Like Monster Stick FoodA Scientific Diet for Larger Arowana & Top Feeding Monster Carnivores.
Ideal for Monster Fishes
More Balanced Nutrient Profile Than Live Foods
Extremely Flavourful, Color Enhancing Diet
Floating Protein-Rich Stick
A jumbo stick developed to simulate fish normally fed live foods that will completely satisfy their hunger.
The shape and makeup of this stick is unique in that it will absorb water quickly and take on the pancake-like consistency of a live food while retaining its visually desirable shape.
Advanced research and bio-technology allow us to make this highly nutritious diet which supports rapid growth, proper form and vibrant coloration.
No risk of contamination from harmful parasites or bacteria common with live food feeding.
Finally a large sized stick that efficiently provides the required energy for the biggest eaters (see chart below).
Available Sizes:
182g – 500g
FEEDINGFeed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period. Carnivorous fish often resist a new type of food when changing their diet, continued use will assure acceptance.Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you’ll always get the Hikari quality you expect!Note: HIKARI TROPICAL JUMBO CARNISTICKS contains higher levels of natural ingredients which may cause a slight change in color from one production lot to another. Rest assured because of our rigid quality standards each package meets our superior nutritional specifications.* Rapidly absorbs water and takes on a soft, live-food-type consistency without dissolving

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