Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty provided by Manufacturer, Distributor or by The Bird and Fish Place

Products covered by warranty will in most cases have a warranty card included, if your product does not have a warranty card please email info@birdandfishplace.com.au in order for us to advise you on how to claim your warranty and make a claim. If a warranty card is included in your product please refer to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions and contact them directly for assistance. Warranty conditions may vary from product to product.

If you are not satisfied by the manufacturer’s response please email us at  info@birdandfishplace.com.au so we can assist you.

Damaged and/or Faulty Products.

All products are provided to you with a warranty for peace of mind

The Bird and Fish Place the Manufacturer or Importer of the product will either repair or replace a product at their discretion if found to be faulty.

When a product is Dead On Arrival (D.O.A) you have 14 days from the time we dispatch the product to you to advise us of this and send the product back to us the Manufacturer or Distributor.

Please email us at info@birdandfishplace.com.au for us to issue you with RMA number.

When product is D.O.A we will replace this product after testing no questions asked.

Further to the D.O.A promise and warranty an additional The Bird and Fish Place, Distributors or Manufacturers warranty might apply.

If product fails after the 14 day period please refer to the warranty instructions supplied with the product to see what action needs to be taken, if no warranty card is supplied please contact us at info@birdandfishplace.com.au for warranty instructions.

When a product is received by us, the Manufacturer, or Distributor after testing, the product will either be repaired or replaced at our, the Manufacturers, or Distributors discretion.

If warranty is claimed and product cannot be repaired or replaced by same product of the same specifications an upgraded product may be offered if available.

If no product that is of the same specifications or upgraded is available then a store credit voucher will be provided.

You will be advised in a reasonable time by email as to which is applicable. In case of D.O.A a full refund will be provided.

A condition of warranty claim is that you pack products to be returned to us securely so that they are not damaged further when returned to us, wherever possible we strongly recommend that you keep the original packaging as this is the best way to pack and return products to us.

In order for us to make a claim from our freight and insurance company for products that arrive damaged we will require photos of the damaged packaging and products. In you receive a product that is damaged please contact us immediately send all photos and any relevant information at info@birdandfishplace.com.au we than contact you to arrange a replacement product.

Product must be returned back to us the Manufacturer or Distributor as we will advise you before we send the replacement product.

How to Claim Your Warranty

Please follow the following procedure for all warranty claims:

  • If a manufacturer’s warranty card is enclosed with your product please follow the instructions on this card and contact the manufacturer for technical assistance or to make a claim.
  • If no warranty card is enclosed, please emailinfo@birdandfishplace.com.audon’t forget to include your email and your contact details so we can reply to you.
  • Please include the following information:
    • Order number (on your invoice)
    • Date of purchase
    • Detailed description of the problem
  • If the warranty is provided by the Distributor or Manufacture we will send you all the details including their email, phone number and contact details so that you may directly contact them in order to get your product repaired.
  • All our suppliers have been chosen because of the quality of their products and in the unlikely event that a warranty claim needs to be made they are able to quickly repair or replace the product. If after contacting the Manufacturer or Distributor you are not satisfied with their response please email us atinfo@birdandfishplace.com.auso we can assist you further.
  • If The Bird and Fish Place is the warranty issuer, please email us for a Return Authorisation (RMA) number, provided the manufacturer cannot advise on a solution to the problem, and the product is still under warranty
  • We may ask that you return the product to us, so that we can assess the product and either replace or repair it.
  • We will nominate the return freight company to be used when returning faulty goods to us, All warranty is on a return to us policy.
  • Please include the following information when returning a product to us for warranty.
    • The original purchase number
    • The Return Authorisation number.
    • Your contact details.
  • Please include your full name and contact information in order for us to process your claim quicker. Include a full description of the problem with the return of the product.


Products warranty will not apply if the product has not been installed, operated and maintained in accordance with any instructions provided with the product or as noted on the product listing.

If the product was not used in a manner other than for which it was designed, to the extent permitted by relevant legislation, The Bird and Fish Place expressly excludes any liability for any indirect or consequential loss (including for loss of revenue or loss of use) arising from or in any way relating to the purchase or use of the product.

To the extent permitted by law, warranties will only apply to products used for personal / private use. Using products purchased from The Bird and Fish Place for commercial purposes will result in the warranty being voided.